How Bintended began

Carol was getting increasingly bothered by the proliferation of unsightly bins spoiling peoples' gardens and townscapes and realised there was a gap in the market for something more attractive and sustainable than the plastic stores available.  She didn't have any product or business experience but has an artistic background and plenty determination.
2018 - Carol started a company and got together a business plan.  

2019 - Support from a By Design Grant from Scottish Enterprise enabled the first prototype to be professionally designed : resulting in a super, neat 2-bin store....made from recycled plastic. 
The trademark Bintended is Registered with the IPO.
The very first prototype featured a printed photograph of a stone wall on the doors of the store. 
Mission accomplished-enabling bins to be hidden and blend into the surroundings.
2019 - The first decorative surface design is commissioned: an abstract depiction of insects and flowers called "Pollinators."
2020 - well we all know what happened then...Covid and full lockdown. The design of bin stores slides rapidly from the top of the agenda.
2020/21: Step in Ken
Ken has a lifetime of experience as a Production Engineer  which enables further refinement of the product and, along with the feedback from testers, a new prototype is developed.
2021: Step in Dave
Carol doesn’t have a garden and actually lives in a flat, so welcome Dave, who is a keen photographer and has a garden! Dave contributes some great photos (Shed, Poppies and Worn Wood) and we get to use his back garden to further test the product.
Before we got too cosy Storm Arwen was a shot across the bows! But this allowed us to realise some extra design and safety modifications that keep the lid and doors tightly closed under stormy conditions. Hello Dudley, and Eunice- thanks for your input! By the time Franklin comes around that bin store is standing firm and sitting pretty. Thanks to Ken's experience as a Design Engineer over many decades and with meticulous attention to detail, trials and prototyping, we have taken great care to make sure the product is the best it can be. We are calling this #4 version “The Bravest” after all it has been through! So now it is ready.

Surface Decor

This is what it Bintended is all about! We want your garden to look as good as it can and not be spoiled by unsightly bins. Bintended wants to give you the choice. Your garden store blends in with your property and surroundings by disguising itself as a wall, or hedge or fence. Or your garden store features eye-catching photos and attractive designs to enhance your premises.


Bintended’s featured designs are specially commissioned works by recent UK Art and Design graduates and we are very proud of what they have produced. These designers are showcased in the Meet the Designer section and we are happy to give these talented people exposure. This just the start- lots more fantastic designs on the way!
Made from 99% recycled plastic material

Made in the UK
Promoting featured graduates and emerging designers.

Helping Britain's gardens - 2 bins at a time