This represents the amount of post-consumer plastic in one bin store

The material used to make the stores is 99% recycled plastic. 
That means thousands of drinks bottles, bags, agricultural waste plastics and food containers per binstore have been diverted from going to landfill, from ending up in the ocean or from being burned.
Each tile shows 100g grammes of post consumer plastic.
We are proud to offer the only recycled plastic bin store on the market
This is the number of metric tonnes of plastic produced globally, most of which gets used once.

or 6.28 BILLION plastic bottles are NOT recycled in the UK each year.

Million tonnes
This is the amount of plastic that entered the Ocean in 2021.

source UN sdgs-goal 14 

Plastic pollution is out of control


Reduce, re-use and RECYCLE

"Estimates vary with the type of recycling process used, but researchers agree that recycling and remanufacturing plastic saves between 30% and 80% of the carbon emissions that original processing and manufacturing produces."


Is the bin store recyclable?

Yes, we hope that your store will last many, many years but when the time comes you can separate the plastic parts and metal fixings and recycle all of these- check with your local authority where to do this. 
The doors can also be recycled by planing off the thin ink layer, (the planings would go in the general waste).

What about the packaging?

We try to source packaging board with a high percentage of recycled material content-typically 50-80%. You can also re-use, repurpose or recycle the boxes.
Suppliers are encouraged to use the greener options where possible.

What about the manufacturing process?

It is really important to us to work with suppliers who genuinely care about the environment. 
As plastic dust is produced when cutting the material, we make sure that suppliers are using a closed extraction system to prevent any microplastics from escaping.
Digital print is very economical -the inks are delivered in a fine mist and precisely where they need to be; there is no wastage.
Manufacturing takes place in the UK.
What about sustainable transport?
This is a UK made product. The materials are sourced from UK suppliers. The plastic sheeting may originate in Europe, but these stores are not made on the other side of the world.
All delivery transport is via external companies at the moment, who use a range of vehicles. It is currently not feasible, as a start-up company, to limit transport to say, electric-only vehicles unfortunately.
Watch this space because we are keen to do more and when it comes to leading more sustainable lives we can't ignore the drastic reduction in biodiversity. The first design- Pollinators- was created to highlight the plight of our flying insects and pollinators...  something Bintended would like to help address and hope to introduce some initiatives soon.


Bintended founder